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MMM43250 MMM43250 Waterproof, Clear Bandages, Assorted Sizes, 50/box Stays on in wet conditions and keeps water out. Features a unique diamond shape, 360-degree seal and breathable material. Offers superior protection against water, dirt and germs that may lead to infection. A must-have for any first aid kit and perfect for treating minor wounds such as cuts, scrapes and blisters. Medical - Skin and Wound Care Nexcare 117 Stock Available

    Waterproof, Clear Bandages, Assorted Sizes, 50/box

    Product Code: MMM43250
    Product Unit: BX50
    117 Stock Available
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    • Superior protection against water, dirt and germs.
    • Clear, breathable material.
    • Ultra-thin and comfortable to wear.
    • Unique shape designed for better seal around pad.
    • Stays on in water and keeps water out.
    • Easy, one-hand application.



Stays on in wet conditions and keeps water out. Features a unique diamond shape, 360-degree seal and breathable material. Offers superior protection against water, dirt and germs that may lead to infection. A must-have for any first aid kit and perfect for treating minor wounds such as cuts, scrapes and blisters.

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Code MMM43250
Unit Box of 50
Brand Nexcare


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5 out of Five Stars

June 27, 2022


I tried them few months ago and I'm pleased to say they really are amazing bandages and really hold up in water and are water proof..

5 out of Five Stars

June 17, 2022

Only badges worth buying

First couple might be a little hard for the first time user, if your not sure how to use them or have never seen this kind of bandage before, but once you do it and see how it's done and how they work, you will never go back. :)

5 out of Five Stars

June 9, 2022

Great bandage

Love this bandage stays on all day long! And very easy to take off!

4 out of Five Stars

May 13, 2022

So far, good bandaid that may turn great

I just purchased this product today, and tried it out. What a disaster! I went online and read Nexcare’s response for directions on correct application then tried it again. Once I get this application process down, I believe I am going to love this Nexcare clear waterproof bandage.

5 out of Five Stars

May 10, 2022

Tight seal!

I recently purchased this product to cover a wound on my foot. These bandages stayed on my foot after working in close- toed shoes all day and after showering. Removal was easy and painless. My favorite type of bandage!

5 out of Five Stars

Jake TN
May 2, 2022

Best bandage ever

I have been using these for several years, and no other bandage compares - not even other Nexcare bandages. They can be a little tricky to get on, but once you get the hang of it, the stay for days if you want them to and can be removed with little or no discomfort. Also, they blend with many skin tones, so they don’t attract notice.

5 out of Five Stars

April 24, 2022

Love these! But PLEASE offer box of small size.

These are the best bandages! However, I go through the small ones quickly and am left with multiple boxes of the medium and large sizes. I have seen several mentions in the reviews of others requesting to purchase only the small size. Please advise if this is forthcoming. Thank you!

5 out of Five Stars

April 18, 2022

Best Waterproof Bandage!!

This is THE BEST Waterproof Bandage!! Truly holds up to any type of water!! Pool, dishwashing, bathtub and ocean!! I love how it keeps my wounds clean and dry!!

5 out of Five Stars

March 17, 2022

Love these Bandages!

This is the only brand I will buy anymore. They stay on, do the job, and don't look bad either!

5 out of Five Stars

March 5, 2022

Love these bandages

This is the only brand of bandages that I buy. I would love to be able to buy the two smaller sizes as I have plenty of the others. The smaller sizes go fast as I use that size most often. Please, Nexcare, 20,30,50 count smaller size packages. I would like the waterproof to be a little easier to come off.

5 out of Five Stars

February 2, 2022

Love these bandages!

I am so glad to have found this brand and product! It covers any small scrape or cut and leaves me with the confidence that this bandage will be there until I remove it. Very firm hold and highly waterproof. I'd recommend to anyone!

5 out of Five Stars

January 31, 2022

Please Sell Version of Just Small Size

I use for my fingertips when they split during the winter, even if you only sell at one location or in bulk I would by them.

3 out of Five Stars

January 30, 2022

love bandages but don't love assorted

I would buy more of these if you offered a "one size" package with the medium or large size clear waterproof. I don't need the extra small ones in the package

1 out of Five Stars

January 8, 2022

Worst bandage

Impossible to open tape on my won’t pull apart without bandage sticking to other side waste of money

5 out of Five Stars

December 29, 2021

Great bandage!

My ideal bandage, it offers complete coverage without irritation or redness, and it's actually waterproof.

1 out of Five Stars

October 20, 2021


Worst bandages in the history of bandages ridiculously hard to open and when you finally get it open can’t put them on they don’t stick at all I went thriugj five bandages and still have nothing to show for it.

5 out of Five Stars

October 3, 2021

I love these!! A Must Have!

I could never find a product that would stick to my skin. I went through ALOT of different products. These Nexcare Waterproof Bandages are the best. I finally found my perfect match! Thank you

5 out of Five Stars

August 30, 2021

Love them, but only need the smallest ones.

These are the best, but I would like to be able to purchase just the .88" x 1.1". I always run out and end up with MANY large ones that I can't possibly use up.

5 out of Five Stars

August 27, 2021

My favorite bandages! But please small only!

These bandages are the best! I mean everyone needs their bandage to be waterproof and these work spectacularly! I am with the many others though that would love to see a small only package. On your face these are nearly invisible and this small size is perfect for covering up a pimple or other small spot on your face or anywhere. Please Please a small only option!

5 out of Five Stars

July 19, 2021

I'm with Jody19: small ones please

I love these - they are the only adhesive bandages I use any more. After a staph infection last year, I have started putting tiny bandages on any bite or scrape I get, and as a result, I go through the smallest size really quickly. Please make them available by themselves.

1 out of Five Stars

June 30, 2021

do not stick

I HATE these things. I watched 6 youtube tutorials to figure out how to make them stick to my hip and they stay put for all of 8 seconds. Bruh.

4 out of Five Stars

June 10, 2021

Works great in keeping wounds dry!

The problem that I have is not being able to get all the white strips to come off. Makes it too noticeable as well as ugly. Come on, Nexcare, you can do better than this!

4 out of Five Stars

June 9, 2021

We WANT just the small ones!

Are you guys not reading these reviews??? EVERYONE is asking for a package of just the smallest ones. You're missing a prime opportunity. Do I like them? Yes, the SMALLEST ones! The others I haven't needed. I don't recommend them because of this simple fact.

5 out of Five Stars

May 21, 2021

I love these bandages

The bandages are wonderful! they stay on your skin when wet but....I would purchase even more if they were available in a variety of sizes separately. I use the smallest one on finger skin splits and I never have enough in the variety box. I am forced to use the larger sizes which are cumbersome on your fingertips

2 out of Five Stars

May 19, 2021

Good concept

Great if they stayed stuck. Pricey, would pay if they did as advertised.

5 out of Five Stars

May 17, 2021

My go-to bandage, but PLEASE sell small!

These waterproof bandages are absolutely the best for most small household wounds. I love that they seal out water and dirt (I can even wear them through a shower), and that once they're on I hardly feel them. But along with many others on this site ... 3M, won't you PLEASE allow us to buy the small ones in a package? It just doesn't make sense to throw away 2/3 of the box, but I have several boxes of the medium and large ones from which I've used all the small. This is ridiculous!

5 out of Five Stars

May 16, 2021

Great product

I love these bandages, please sell them as one size (small) ones! They work great on tiny finger cuts, even throughout handwashings!

5 out of Five Stars

May 8, 2021

Best bandage out there

These are the best bandages out there. Would love to see Nexcare sell a package of just the smallest ones. Those always seem to be used up first.

5 out of Five Stars

May 2, 2021

Great waterproof bandage.

I really like these bandages but primarily use the small ones. Please sell a box of small size only.

4 out of Five Stars

Paul K
May 2, 2021

SELL SMALL ONES in a box by themselves, please

I love these bandages but I agree with every other reviewer that has suggested selling a box of the small ones 22mm x 26mm.

5 out of Five Stars

April 25, 2021

I would like to be able to purchase the small size only.

1 out of Five Stars

Tom L
April 7, 2021

Bandages suck

I bought the garbage and could not get the adhesive cover off. It is a lousy product; made in america for sure?

2 out of Five Stars

April 7, 2021

Poor quality

It fell off right away and didn’t stay on! I tried 3 of them! And the box had only 8! Not to mention that it’s hard to detach the wrap paper from the bandage

1 out of Five Stars

April 7, 2021

Don’t waste your money

I bought these and wasted 4 bandages and gave up! The paper does not peel off from the clear adhesive! I’ve never been more frustrated! No directions on how to remove. At the obvious point to start the it just will not lift. It tears the clear bandage.

5 out of Five Stars

Susan C
April 1, 2021

Superior bandage but tricky to use the first time

It was a little confusing to figure out how to use then the first time, but now that I know, it is easy. They provide the BEST protection I have ever had from a bandage. They stay on well, even on my arm while swimming laps. The clear ones are less conspicuous on my skin.

1 out of Five Stars

March 19, 2021

Worst bandages ever purchased

The design of these bandages is horrible; I ended up throwing away more than half of them due to the strip in the back not peeling off properly. I will never buy another Nexcare product!

4 out of Five Stars

March 15, 2021

good bandages

There needs to be more "mini" or the smallest waterproof bandage (7/8"x1-1/16"). I use a lot of this size and would love to find boxes of just this smallest size. Let me know if this request is available or where I might obtain more of just the small ones. Love them!

2 out of Five Stars

March 8, 2021

Difficult to remove

The concept is great, just what Iwas looking for... that is until I wanted to remove the bandage. Membrane is so thin there is nothing to grab on to. The very strong adhesive complicates matters as it is impossible to peel back with a fingernail. I ended up cutting it at the pad and grabbing it there. The bond was so strong I thought I would tear my skin... I’m a 79 y/o male and skin tears come easily. IMPRESSION: great concept. Not a product for a person with skin tear concerns. Better for a younger person without shin tear concerns. I think the bandage could be designed to maintain watertight integrity without compromising the original purpose by reducing membrane adhesiveness. RECOMMENDATIONS: 1. Reduce membrane bond. 2. Provide a way to drab the membrane to remove the bandage.

5 out of Five Stars

March 3, 2021

More small bandages

I wish Nexcare would come out with box of just the small bandages, like say a box of 20. Sometime I dont need to use a medium or large bandaid.

5 out of Five Stars

February 19, 2021

Five Stars Plus

I've been using the Nexcare bandages now for over a year and could not be more satisfied. Having used the old traditional bandages that are open on the sides and not waterproof the 3M Nexcare bandages were like someone actually inventing the proverbial "better mousetrap". They truly are waterproof, easy to apply once you become familiar with their design, and long lasting. Plus their clear design make them much less apparent. If I could make one suggestion it would be to make the small size bandages available in a single size package. WELL DONE 3M!

4 out of Five Stars

February 10, 2021

love them

Love the small size but don't like buying the assortment to get them.Like to be able to buy the different sizes by themselves.

5 out of Five Stars

January 19, 2021

Excellent adhesive

I’ve been using these bandages for years, since they first came out. They are by far the best on the market! Stays on even when you get wet, unlike competitors that are waterproof.

5 out of Five Stars

January 12, 2021

The best!

I go out of my way to buy these, they are that good! They last and last and last ... through all the dishwashing I do, the showers I take and in the summer, when I am shoeless! I expect good quality from 3M and these products do not disappoint!

5 out of Five Stars

January 11, 2021

Lasted through Covid19 handwashing

These bandages lasted through a whole shift of handwashing and PPE donning and removal. Great

1 out of Five Stars

January 10, 2021

Extremely Difficult to open

The individual bandage package was nearly impossible to open with a bleeding finger. It is apparent that the engineers did not think their way thru this one.

4 out of Five Stars

December 29, 2020

Really like these

I really like these bandages. They stick really well. My only negative is that there are not enough of the smallest size in the box. I seem to need that size the most. I'd like to buy a whole box of just the smalls.

1 out of Five Stars

December 15, 2020

won't stay on

First time these failed. won't stay on. I tried all 3 sizes in box. Must be a bad lot

1 out of Five Stars

November 28, 2020

How do I get them off?

They stick great. They are definitely waterproof. My problem is that I can't get in off.

4 out of Five Stars

November 25, 2020

Great Bandaid!

The Nexcare bandaids are great for all types of cuts and minor injuries. I love the brand. These particular bandaids are pretty good but peal off after working out or doing activities. Over all they are great but you need to change them often.

1 out of Five Stars

November 11, 2020

Difficult to apply

Very difficult to apply to the skin. Wasteful product. Tried to apply to my forehead after minor skin cancer surgery and could not peel off the white tabs. Used instead a regular bandage that I cut some of the adhesive off to shorten.